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Its creation was announced in the official journal in June 2009 and goes by the name of "Portbail Mutual Nautical Support".
This association was born out of the good will of Portbail's regular amateur sailors and its purpose is to improve sea safety in the most effective way possible.
The basic concept is very simple. During the last few months, this group of friends - the association's founder members and regular users of this wonderful adventure playground that mother nature has blessed us with, have been called out to rescue many occasional (or even regular) sailors who have been getting themselves into difficulties out at sea, and nearly all of these incidents were due to not taking the most elementary of safety measures that sailing requires.
The idea to create the group came when two girls were saved from drowning by one of its members. So why not make a small donation for the safety of these amateur sailors? It must be noted that an SNSM (National Sea Rescue Society) initiative to create a Port-bail branch for the Barneville-Carteret resort was set up and supported by Port-Bail's local council and and its fire brigade. However the national society did not wish to go ahead with this initiative.

Safety advice

Inform, train, give help

The role of this association is simple - inform on the dangers of amateur sailing, remind sailors of the basic safety instructions before they set sail, and if any problems arise despite giving this advice, take part in the rescue operation, alongside (and not instead of) the official sea rescue organisations.
Most accidents can be avoided by preventing them from happening in the first place, and this point is strongly emphasised by the "E.N.P." which strives to do all it can to get through to sailors and convince them that lifejackets are not just optional extras, and that checking the weather before setting off, making your journey details known to others, and checking that all equipment and safety accessories are in good condition are simple measures which can prevent major disasters from occurring.
But, as everyone knows, in any accident or incident, it's often the speed of the rescue operation that prevents the worst from happening. Therefore "E.N.P." members, who are all regular sailors themselves, can certainly play role in the rescue operation while they wait for reinforcements to arrive, or just by helping tow a boat back or repair it at sea - operations which are becoming less and less of a concern for the larger authorities, who are becoming more and more reluctant to attend to trivial "mooring issues".

To operate in the best possible conditions, the members of this association, which is deliberately limited in number, are all qualified first aiders.

The association's headquarters is at Port-bail town hall. It is run by Philippe Crinon, a fully converted Port-bail man, and has 20 members.

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