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The Lande windmill is located at Fierville les Mines. It was built in the 18th Century. It was restored in 1997 and is equipped with a Breton system which enables the miller to move the sails without having to stop the mill.
Demonstrations take place every day in the summer. Closed on Mondays in May, June and September. Open on Wednesdays and at weekends in winter. On-site hostel with Norman specialities, groups welcome. Bookings: +33 (0)2 33 53 38 04.
Website: www.cotedesisles.com, tourism/windmill section.





This is an authentic village nestled in the hills of the Cotentin and Bessin natural marshland park. Rich with history, it has kept its traditions and maintained its ancient stones. Take a look around the village square and discover its old wooden cider press. Enter into Canville la Rocque's church of St Malo. The frescos portray the legned of the "pendu dépendu" (The hanged man unhanged) which were drawn on the walls at around 1520. These frescos reflect the importance of the pilgrimage to St Jacques of Compostela in Galicia, Spain. They tell the story of a family of German pilgrims who had stopped over at a hostel. A servant was making passes at a son who was pushing them away. In an act of revenge, she accused the son of theft and so he was hanged. When returning from Galicia, the son's parents found him still alive.
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The ruins of this church can be found in the old village of Omonville la Foliot. More than just a church, this is represents the memory of a village and of a local lord as you will discover.
There was already a 12th century church that existed here. This one however dates back to 1759. When the village area merged with neighbouring Denneville, it fell into disuse. The ruins have been maintained through the commitment of the locals alone. Here lies the tombstone of Pierre Marie Eustace d'Omonville, the last Lord of Omonville and first Mayor of Denneville.