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Located on le Cotentin peninsula's west coast, Port-Bail is a small grounding port on catways and mooring sheltered from the prevailing winds. Accessible by sea thanks to a marked fairway, the port is an integral part of the large haven where many activities are possible. Its closeness to the Channel Islands of Jersey (14 miles) Sark and Guernsey makes Port-Bail an ideal departure point for amateur sailing.

Come and visit us at the Paris Nautical show between 5 and 13 December at the Manche 'Conseil General' stand in Hall 1.

Portbail Portbail Port de Portbail


Mr. Serge Laidet, Shipping Officer
Mairie de Port-Bail  2 rue Lechevalier  F-50580 Port-Bail
Tel. +33 (0)2 33 87 52 00

Capacity: 240 berths (69 on catway) – 36 visitor berths
Pontoon access: About 2 hours before and after high tide
Fuel: No pumps on pontoon but station in town (500 m)
Toilet facilities: Toilets and showers at the Captain's Office (code required)
Drinking water: On pontoon and catway reserved for household use
Electricity: On pontoon and catway 220v – 6 Amps
Household waster: Recycling containers on the quay and store room for dangerous products
Telephone: At the port office
Bar Brasserie: Le Repère: on the port's quayside
Sailing school: Saling school
Craning: Contact Christophe Levage
Prices: Download the price list