Marée Météo

The wind farm projects on our shores seem stopped ... yet

The Community of Communes of the Côte des Isles had asked the various communities concerned to pass a motion against the wind projects (see one of our common below)
Considering the landscape issues, economic and tourist jeopardized by the proposed offshore wind farms, the Municipal Council of Port-Bail issues a negative opinion on these achievements and it supports the efforts of fishermen represented by their professional organizations and Association Against the Sea Wind (AClem). The municipality recommends that the tidal channel is studied in conjunction with the authorities of the Channel Islands in order to emerge a coherent and acceptable by all stakeholders.
Elected to the Port-Bail February 23, 2010
At a meeting in mid-October with the Prefect, presidents of associations opposed to the projects, the General Counsel Renaux Dieudonné and the President of the Community of Communes Jean Paul Gosselin, it was suggested that there would , initially, no area dedicated to offshore wind along our coastline. Information confirmed the previous day by Christine Boehler Secretary General of the Prefecture, during a visit in the States of Jersey. The runway of the turbines, without visual disturbance, apart from fishing, could be considered given the strong currents characteristic of our coasts.

If the good news is reassuring, associations and elected officials are still engaged and attentive.